6 Most Popular and Funny Videos of Cats and Catnip

With so many ways to use catnip for your cat, it’s clear how this plant has different effects and benefits on your four-legged friends.

Thanks to nepectalone, this herb can grant euphoric, aphrodisiac or even rejuvenating effects on felines, even on big ones!

Nepeta Cataria has many positive properties also on humans, like diuretic, refrigerant or sedative (and many more).

But let’s see the seven most popular and funny videos I found on YouTube of cats interacting with catnip in different ways.


Catnip – Simon’s Cat

Simon’s Cat is a fantastic animated series that I’m sure you already watched some episodes of.

It shows the funny journey of Simon with his cat, in different stories and situations.

This video (more than 65 million views) is all about shorts about Simon’s cat!

Be sure to watch it for a moment of smiles and laughter.


How Catnip Gets Cats High

 In this video (more than 3,5 million views), there’s a group of a dozen cats in a garden, where catnip is growing strong and vigorous (as you may know, this plant grows naturally in many parts of the world).

You can see the different behaviors of all these cats, like smelling the plant, rolling over it, playing with the leaves, or even seeming to drooling like junkies.


Do TIGERS Like Catnip??

Have you ever asked yourself if big felines like lions or tigers like catnip?

Well, in this video of more than 3,5 millions views (made by BigCatRescue.org of Tampa, FL), you can watch the reactions in front of catmint of different big animals.

Alex, a big tiger and Reno, a leopard seem to enjoy the herb in a bag. Also Natasha and Willow, both lynx, start playing together when smelling the plant.

Zabu, a fanstastic white tiger, even gets to roll on the catnip basket. Sabre, a puma, plays like a funny kitten.

But if you are really curious, see what Joseph (a big lion) does with his dose of Nepeta Cataria, at the end of the video!


My Cat With His Fix of Catnip

In this awesome video (of more than 1 million views) Twigy records the reactions of his cat when it comes into contact with a bag of catnip.

A must see (he really looks like my kitten)! 🙂


Catnip Overdose!

This one is hilarious.

I recommend you to watch it for a few minutes of laughter.

The video (500,000 views) starts with an introduction:

One morning Ernesto got into the catnip while we were sleeping. All the catnip…

He’s a beautiful european cat, a little bit overweight, but really, really cute.

Watch him licking, rolling, meowing and having fun with a lot of this herb.


Cats and Catnip – Funny!

In this video (more than 300,000 views), the owner gives his kitties some natural catnip.

They really seem to enjoy it!

But one of them (Harry) doesn’t react to this herb (as you know, around 70-80% of cats like catnip).

The rest of them really enjoy playing with this plant in the video. As the author says :

They go completely NUTS (and a little mean!)


6 Kitty Catnip Party

In this one (more than 100,000 views), there are six awesome cats.

The master spoils them with many toys, but when she extracts the catnip, the felines go crazy!


I hope you enjoyed watching the most popular and viewed videos of cats and catnip.

If you need to learn how to grow this plant at home, you can read this post.

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